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Robbie Rivers

Stats: 23, 5'9", 160, 7.5" Cut



Stats: 21, 5'10", 155, 8" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: May 24, 2017

Video Number: 1954

Robbie is obviously a pro, so I was happy to put him with Jalen who had not done a full-sex scene on film. Though, given Jalen's sensual enthusiasm during his Serviced video, I was not expecting any problems.

With Robbie having video experience, we jumped right into a Raw scene.

Robbie is definitely the dude in control in this video, but my guess is that Jalen will be more aggressive once he finds he can also take charge.

It also helped that Jalen was really into Robbie. Jalen is more of a Top, but he proves in this video that he is an eager Bottom as well. I am eager to see Jalen fucking a dude aggressively.

Robbie has some moves. He rides Jalen's cock like a pro with is hard cock bouncing up and down as he grinds Jalen's cock into him. Robbie is also a great Top, fucking Jalen while stroking his buddy's cock.

Jalen gets his ass fucked last, so Robbie squirts his load all over Jalen't hole. Then, Jalen cleans his cock by sucking out that last little bits of cum, and finally blowing his own load!


Stats: 28, 6'2", 210, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: May 23, 2017

Video Number: 1950

Prentice seems to be on a 3-to-4-year return cycle.

He reached out about doing some full-on sex videos. I realized he first appeared on the site 7 years ago (2010) and did only a solo. Then, in 2014 he was down to get his dick sucked. His video with Shiloh is a ChaosMen Classic! Back then he was just 21-years-old.

Since I had not seen him in so long, I wanted to get a quick video with him, and update his photos in his gallery.

I asked him what his limits were, he sounded a lot more relaxed. Suck dick? Yes. Top? Yes. Bottom? Yes.

At 28-years-old, Prentice is a lot more comfortable, and a lot less worried about what his friends will think. He says his lady has played with his ass a little, nothing dramatic, so I thought maybe we would have him use some small anal toys just to see how far he was willing to go.

Sorry for the bare shaved pubes. He still shaves his whole body, and I didn't remember that I needed to remind him to lay off the razors.

He is still a quiet guy for the solo, but my guess is much like his video with Shiloh, he will get more verbal and into it with someone to play with.

Near the end of the video he tries a couple toys. He first inserts a dildo, and it slides in nice an easy. He levels up to the butt-plug, which is actually a bit tougher to get in past its' bulge. That one was a bit more of a struggle and he loses most of his wood.

BUT, I was shocked at how quickly he regained his erection after removing it, and he cums like a sprinkler head, jizz flying in every direction.

I posted this video today as a Bonus video for the week. He already had done a solo, and wanted to update his portfolio page with new photos, and didn't think you'd mind seeing this hunk of man again on the site.

Gonna give him a chance to fuck some ass, and if that goes well, who knows? Maybe we will see those big meaty legs up in the air to get fucked!


Stats: 22, 6', 160, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: May 22, 2017

Video Number: 1942

Keaghan is a cute ginger snap for ya!

He is a gay guy and a Versatile Bottom. Keaghan has a natural red bush that fans of Gingers will love!

Even his bootie hair is nice and red!

He was very turned-on for the photos, but once the cameras started rolling, he got a little shy. Once up on his knees, he was hard and ready to cum.

Keaghan gives us a nice view of his butt hole. With that red fur, you will want to lick his hole!

He gets on his back and blasts out a huge load. After the shoot, he was concerned it was a small load, but he squirts so much that it covers his chest and stomach!


Stats: 28, 5'11", 205, 7" Cut



Stats: 32, 5'9", 175, 8.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: May 19, 2017

Video Number: 1944

All I want to say is this is a perfect pairing!

Two hot Daddy-types going at it with super-charged passion!

They flip-fuck each other, and Barton does an amazing job sitting on Vander's thick cock. Those of you who were missing seeing Vander use his cock to pillage a hole will be happy to see it splitting Barton in two.

Vander's favorite is to get fucked aggressively, so Barton lets out his Top Beast and pounds him from every angle.

This video is charged exciting chemistry, some naughty ass-to-mouth action, and a hot creampie!


Stats: 21, 5'10", 155, 8" Uncut



Stats: 25, 5'9", 160, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: May 17, 2017

Video Number: 1947

I have never aired videos with holiday themes because it seems awkward watching guys fuck in a pile of holiday presents in the middle of July. It 'dates' the videos.

But sharp viewers will spot that this video was shot on Valentine's Day, and the energy in this video really reflects a romantic vibe.

For Jalen's first time, he was really pleased to be playing with Lorenzo. Both guys were single for Valentine's Day, and you can tell they went at this video like it was a hot date.

Jalen starts by slowly sucking Lorenzo's cock, making him wait to have him devour it. He rubs his whiskers all over his cock, something that Lorenzo loves to do to other guys. Lorenzo loved it!

Lorenzo then sucks on Jalen's whopper of a cock, tasting and sucking on his foreskin.

They get on the bed and 69 suck, then Lorenzo rims his hole. Jalen sure looks like he would like to take a cock in there. Jalen also rims Lorenzo, and I was happy to see he has very few limits.

Lorenzo has had a lot of cum facials while at ChaosMen, so when I found out that Jalen would be happy to take a load, we had him lay on this back to receive Lorenzo's load.

Jalen ramps up his cock and shoots his load first. Lorenzo edged his cock, watching Jalen splatter cum all over himself.

Lorenzo then dumps his load into Jalen's mouth. I thought a lot had gone into his mouth, but when Lorenzo goes to lick it up, a lot had hit the opposite side of his face. It was quite a load!

They share a cum-soaked kiss.

Eager to get Jalen back to see what else he is down for!

Robbie Rivers

Stats: 23, 5'9", 160, 7.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: May 15, 2017

Video Number: 1940

I have been looking for a few experienced guys that really know what they are doing. I stumbled on Robbie Rivers and loved his previous video work.

He is super polite, very comfortable being Bi, and is pretty much down for everything. He likes to Top, but loves to Bottom. Robbie enjoys having an audience, and really tries to turn on the heat for you guys. He loves what he is doing, but also knows you all want it to be hot.

Robbie says he loves to rim guys, and eating another guy's hole turns him on too.

For his solo, I gave him some butt toys and he went to town on his ass.

He gets a little wobbly on his knees, so I have him show-off his ass for a bit. He then gets on his back and inserts the dildo, and that really woke his cock up. Yep! He definitely loves to bottom.

He switches over to the butt-plug, and with the vibration on, he quickly shoots his load.

Robbie will be back next week, likely to do some fucking, so stay-tuned!

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Robbie Rivers

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